Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Life is precious, life is short. Humans have an innate sense of protection in that we would always help people who are in need, especially when they are on the brink of death.

Today, we are going to discuss a game for the iOS called Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. This Apple Mobile phone game has been well-received by a lot of people; from casual gamers to gaming pundits.

The story of the game is about two brothers: Naia and Naiee as they help a dying man by searching for the “Water of Life”. The brothers, along with the dying man, will be on a quest in search of that highly coveted item.

What makes this Apple Mobile phone game great is its compelling storyline. This game truly brings out what it means to be real brothers. If one is weak, the other should be strong. If one brother is fearful, the other one must be brave. It is in these times that the story of Naia and Naiee brought people to tears.

In the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, you will guide both Naia and Naiee as they take on an epic journey in search of the Water of Life. The brothers can be controlled using two virtual joysticks that are found on the mobile phone’s screen.

Each brother can be controlled simultaneously so that you can see both brothers in action at the same time.

Both brothers have unique attributes. Naia, for example, is the older brother and he has more strength than Naiee. In certain situations, you would need more brawn in order to defeat bosses and other in-game encounters.

Naiee, on the other hand, is quick and sneaky. Use him in dungeons so that you can get to places where the other brother cannot get to. This is an adventure game, but employing the right strategy will work wonders.

If you’re into solving puzzles, the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons game for the Apple Mobile phone also has a lot of puzzles that you need to solve. Getting the Water of Life, a highly coveted artifact is not easy. Going there would mean that you go to dungeons that are fraught with traps and puzzles that you need to solve in order to advance the game even further.

As previously mentioned, this game was well-received by a lot of people because of its story. A lot of people said that after playing this game, they would value their relationships with their siblings because the game helped them see the value of true brotherhood.

I like the game’s official tagline: “where one is weak, the other should be strong; if one is fearful, the other should be brave.” I know it is just one quote, but it speaks volumes especially in today’s world.

If you want a great game with a really compelling storyline, definitely try the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. This game can be downloaded on the Apply App store for only $5.