Enjoying the Nintendo 3dS console

How much money have you spent on Nintendo games, and how many hours a week do you spend a week playing Nintendo? If the game means all that much to you, don’t you want to do it right? Get the 3D full experience, without awkward glasses? A Nintendo 3DS console can make a huge difference in your game playing experience.

Sure, you can play with an old school console. It’ll work, you’ll get through the game. But you’re not doing this because you have to, you’re doing it for fun. What about making it the most fun possible? Make the experience a full-scale visual paradise, with the benefit of modern features such as WiFi compatibility? Definitely something to think about.

With the Nintendo 3DS console you can get the full benefit out of newer 3D games, and you don’t need to use any kind of glasses. You can take 3D pictures, and save them on your device. You also get to create your own portable Mii, or play in Augmented Reality games. And you can swap information with other Nintendo 3DS users as you go by them in the street, using the special StreetPass feature. How cool is that? Walking down the road playing your game, you pass someone sitting in the back seat of his car, and, just like that, you can connect. Send key game files or exclusive access. Maybe it’ll lead to a really cool in-game relationship. It certainly is a novel way of mixing up real life and virtual reality.

That’s not the only social feature; there are other features which bring you in contact with your actual circle of friends and acquaintances. You can send codes to your friend, and store received codes on the console. nintendo-3ds-console And if you’re somewhere where there’s Wi-Fi, you can connect with your friends and play private games together, or just see what they’re doing. They don’t have to be anywhere nearby, so long as they’re in a Wi-Fi hotspot themselves. So there you are, seated in the basement of your house, playing a game with Jake at a coffee house in Italy and with Maureen in New York City. Distance doesn’t make any difference in the ability to share a game from the Nintendo 3DS console. Playing Nintendo games together with the Nintendo 3DS console means a social evening can be spread out to any number of locations and any number of views.

The Nintendo 3DS console has two screens; a touchscreen one at the bottom for navigation and an upper one with the trademark visual depth and pop-out quality marketed as 3D. You get to decide, by means of a slider, exactly how much of a 3D effect you want.

You don’t need to worry about compatibility with the Nintendo 3DS console; it can play most DS games. You get to choose the size; will a regular sized Nintendo 3DS do it for you, or do you want to go with the giant screen Nintendo 3DS XL offers? Both have the same features and the same clear 3D display. Either way, you’ll be sure to have a quality experience next time you play one of your Nintendo games.