Super Monkey Ball Jr. Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance

With all the new games that are coming out every year, it is hard to keep up with them. You read through game reviews on a consistent basis and the game is overly complex.

I think that games, for the most part, should be enjoyable. I personally believe that games shouldn’t cause you headaches. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of why games were created in the first place.

Yeah, the gaming industry is laden with a lot of fancy games and eye candy, but if we’re talking about gameplay, new games aren’t that enjoyable anymore.

I would much rather play a game that doesn’t have good graphics but has an amazingly fun gameplay.

Today, we are going to talk about the Super Monkey Ball Jr. Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. This game is very old and it dates back in the late 90s. Still, I think that I should talk about this game because it is really fun!

The Super Monkey Ball Jr. Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance has different game modes and we will talk about them in this article.

The first game mode is the classic mode. In the classic mode, you will control a monkey character of your choosing. There are about 4 monkey characters you can choose from: MeeMee, Aiai, Baby, and Gongon. The only difference they have is their appearance but they pretty much have the same statistics and by no means do they have an advantage over other characters.

Once you’ve picked your character, you will be put in a small bubble-like ball in which you have to control using the handheld’s D-pad. Now, on the surface, the controls may seem to be very simple and easy. But, do not be fooled! The longer you stay on course, the harder it is to steer the monkey ball.

The premise is that you shouldn’t fall off the maze or course until you reach the finish line. You also need to collect bananas along the way to increase your final score.

The next game mode of the Super Monkey Ball Jr. Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance is the “Boxing Match”. Basically, it is just a mini-game of sorts wherein you will pick a character and press the A button to throw punches. Your goal is to eliminate other enemy players off the course. This is a much more fun game mode than the classic mode and this is my personal favorite.

The last game mode in the Super Monkey Ball Jr. Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance is the “Bowling Alley” mode. You pick a character and just swing the Bowling ball towards the pins. That’s basically it.

The Super Monkey Ball Jr. Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance is a simple but amazingly fun game. Although it doesn’t have the most eye-catching graphics out there, it does win an award from me for being a very entertaining game.

If you just want a simple yet fun game, I highly recommend the Super Monkey Ball Jr. Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Life is precious, life is short. Humans have an innate sense of protection in that we would always help people who are in need, especially when they are on the brink of death.

Today, we are going to discuss a game for the iOS called Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. This Apple Mobile phone game has been well-received by a lot of people; from casual gamers to gaming pundits.

The story of the game is about two brothers: Naia and Naiee as they help a dying man by searching for the “Water of Life”. The brothers, along with the dying man, will be on a quest in search of that highly coveted item.

What makes this Apple Mobile phone game great is its compelling storyline. This game truly brings out what it means to be real brothers. If one is weak, the other should be strong. If one brother is fearful, the other one must be brave. It is in these times that the story of Naia and Naiee brought people to tears.

In the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, you will guide both Naia and Naiee as they take on an epic journey in search of the Water of Life. The brothers can be controlled using two virtual joysticks that are found on the mobile phone’s screen.

Each brother can be controlled simultaneously so that you can see both brothers in action at the same time.

Both brothers have unique attributes. Naia, for example, is the older brother and he has more strength than Naiee. In certain situations, you would need more brawn in order to defeat bosses and other in-game encounters.

Naiee, on the other hand, is quick and sneaky. Use him in dungeons so that you can get to places where the other brother cannot get to. This is an adventure game, but employing the right strategy will work wonders.

If you’re into solving puzzles, the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons game for the Apple Mobile phone also has a lot of puzzles that you need to solve. Getting the Water of Life, a highly coveted artifact is not easy. Going there would mean that you go to dungeons that are fraught with traps and puzzles that you need to solve in order to advance the game even further.

As previously mentioned, this game was well-received by a lot of people because of its story. A lot of people said that after playing this game, they would value their relationships with their siblings because the game helped them see the value of true brotherhood.

I like the game’s official tagline: “where one is weak, the other should be strong; if one is fearful, the other should be brave.” I know it is just one quote, but it speaks volumes especially in today’s world.

If you want a great game with a really compelling storyline, definitely try the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. This game can be downloaded on the Apply App store for only $5.

T-Mobile Personal Cellspot Router

Wouldn’t it be great if you can have a router that not only has great performance, but also gives you the ability to make calls? That’s a really great feature to have, right? Well, that is no longer a dream, because it has become a reality!

Introducing the T-Mobile Personal Cellspot Router. The Cellspot is just a rebranded version of the Asus RT-AC68U, but do not be fooled, the ability to get call signals is just an absolutely great addition to this router.

The Cellspot is like your normal router, but it offers great performance. For starters, it is a three-stream WiFi Router that intelligently discerns the stream where you can get the best possible speeds at a time.

The router also has 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports if you want to have wired connectivity. It also benefits from the new WiFi technology 802.11ac, which boasts of speeds of up to 1.3MBps on the 5GHz and 600MBps on the 2.4GHz band.

The Cellspot also comes with one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 port for media sharing and the sharing of printers within your network.

The setup of this Router is very easy. You just fire up your browser, and you will then be redirected to the router’s main GUI. When you are on the GUI, you will be prompted to set up both the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands according to your preferences.

Even though this is just a rebranded router, there are a few limitations that come with it. First, it doesn’t have the original dual-wan feature, wherein one of the Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports act as a second WAN port. Plus, it doesn’t have 4 guest WiFi access, as it is only limited to 2. Still, this won’t really be a major bother, but this is just a heads up just in case you want to know.

But, the biggest difference of the Cellspot is the WiFi-calling capability. It seems to be prioritizing any cell-related services such as WiFi-Calling and texting. The feature is just baked into the router, making it one of the best routers if your phone supports WiFi-Calling.

All in all, this is a very good router/WiFi-Calling device. But, how does this translate to the real world? Let us find out:

Reggie: “I’ve got the new iPhone 6s and it’s got WiFi-Calling on it. I am really on the lookout for something that can boost this capability, and luckily, I found the Cellspot. It not only acts as an amplifier to the WiFi-Calling feature, but it is also a robust router. I am very pleased with the Cellspot.”

Deshaun: “The Cellspot’s ability to prioritize WiFI-calling I think is its strongest feature. Even when I streaming movies over the internet, and I needed to use the WiFi-Calling feature on my Galaxy S6, I can hear the call clarity and the voice on the other side can be heard as well. This is a really solid product!”

The T-Mobile Personall Cellspot Router is a really good router, and it only costs $99!

NLA for Her: Shred Her Supplement Review

Do you want to look great before a major occasion such as your friend’s wedding? If so, you’re probably contemplating of means to lose weight and achieve the figure that you’ve always wanted.

The problem is that you don’t know how to burn as much fat in a short amount of time. Luckily, there are proven fat-loss supplements out there that you can check out. You can check out NLA for her: Shred Her weight-loss supplements.

NLA For Her is a natural weight-loss supplement that is specifically designed to promote effective fat-loss in women. It has a potent mix of ingredients that are scientifically proven to burn fat safely and effectively.

Each pill has a concentrated dose of the following weight-loss ingredients:

  1. Green Tea Extract- Green Tea Extract has been proven to be a powerful antioxidant that improves weight-loss, improving a healthy inflammation response, eliminates harmful free radicals, and promotes healthy cell function.
  2. Raspberry Ketones- This is another ingredient that has shown good fat-burning results. Raspberry Ketones promotes the breakdown of fat in your body. It also improves the function of the hormone adiponectin, which helps increase your body’s metabolism
  3. Caffeine- It is a common stimulant that is an effective thermogenic. It also increases your energy levels and it elevates the mood.
  4. Citrus Aurantium Extract- This ingredient helps in your resting metabolic rate.

If you’re still not convinced about the effectiveness of NLA’s For Her: Shred Her weight-loss supplement, here is what IFBB Figure Pro and long time NLA: For Her user, Jessie Hilgenberg has to say:

Shred Her helps you achieve your fitness goals by turning up your body’s natural temperature, helping along with burning fat to help keep you lean. It’s all natural and pretty mellow, making it easy to take consistently and for long periods of time safely.”

It’s not only Ms. Hilgenberg who is happy with the results. We’ve also found some happy customers. Here is what they have to say about the product:

Jillique715 said, “This pill is an amazing product. I take it as suggested which is twice a day.i bought the ultimate package & It’s done my body awesome when used with my uplift and aminos that come with the shreds. I can see incredible results and I’ve only been using this for about a week now. It’s awesome ingredients are helping to sculpt my body one day at a time. Can’t wait to get the rest of this NLA for her line!”

Nydiaz also quipped, “Love it! I will continue to use NLA for Her! In less than the 30 days I can see a difference from when I first started. So happy with my results so far!”

NLA For Her: Shred Her should be taken twice a day. Take the first pill after waking up and another pill 3-6 hours afterwards. It should be noted that you should not exceed the recommended dose.

So, if you want to look great with proven results, NLA For Her: Shred Her Weight loss supplement is an effective way to reach that goal.

Enjoying the Nintendo 3dS console

How much money have you spent on Nintendo games, and how many hours a week do you spend a week playing Nintendo? If the game means all that much to you, don’t you want to do it right? Get the 3D full experience, without awkward glasses? A Nintendo 3DS console can make a huge difference in your game playing experience.

Sure, you can play with an old school console. It’ll work, you’ll get through the game. But you’re not doing this because you have to, you’re doing it for fun. What about making it the most fun possible? Make the experience a full-scale visual paradise, with the benefit of modern features such as WiFi compatibility? Definitely something to think about.

With the Nintendo 3DS console you can get the full benefit out of newer 3D games, and you don’t need to use any kind of glasses. You can take 3D pictures, and save them on your device. You also get to create your own portable Mii, or play in Augmented Reality games. And you can swap information with other Nintendo 3DS users as you go by them in the street, using the special StreetPass feature. How cool is that? Walking down the road playing your game, you pass someone sitting in the back seat of his car, and, just like that, you can connect. Send key game files or exclusive access. Maybe it’ll lead to a really cool in-game relationship. It certainly is a novel way of mixing up real life and virtual reality.

That’s not the only social feature; there are other features which bring you in contact with your actual circle of friends and acquaintances. You can send codes to your friend, and store received codes on the console. nintendo-3ds-console And if you’re somewhere where there’s Wi-Fi, you can connect with your friends and play private games together, or just see what they’re doing. They don’t have to be anywhere nearby, so long as they’re in a Wi-Fi hotspot themselves. So there you are, seated in the basement of your house, playing a game with Jake at a coffee house in Italy and with Maureen in New York City. Distance doesn’t make any difference in the ability to share a game from the Nintendo 3DS console. Playing Nintendo games together with the Nintendo 3DS console means a social evening can be spread out to any number of locations and any number of views.

The Nintendo 3DS console has two screens; a touchscreen one at the bottom for navigation and an upper one with the trademark visual depth and pop-out quality marketed as 3D. You get to decide, by means of a slider, exactly how much of a 3D effect you want.

You don’t need to worry about compatibility with the Nintendo 3DS console; it can play most DS games. You get to choose the size; will a regular sized Nintendo 3DS do it for you, or do you want to go with the giant screen Nintendo 3DS XL offers? Both have the same features and the same clear 3D display. Either way, you’ll be sure to have a quality experience next time you play one of your Nintendo games.